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Transform Your Growth Strategy With A New Analytics Approach

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Consistent with historical findings, our latest Consumer Sentiment Study, indicated that consistently satisfying consumer expectations and building trust is the best way to achieve resilience, in any market. This is easy to say, and incredibly hard to do at scale. Based on years of assessing customer and employee experience measures, we find there are common strategies that successful brands adopt that enable them to become leaders in their respective industries. Four distinct practices (in combination) provide transparency in regards to current performance while, at the same time, predict important actions to convert today’s growth possibilities into tomorrow’s realities.

Location-based data like customer experience surveys, employee engagement measures, social media ratings and reviews, mystery shopping, audits, and inbound contacts to your contact center take the pulse of what is currently happening in your business. However, brands too often fall short in their ability to use this data to drive change. In large enterprises, it costs millions of dollars to acquire the data, and millions more to provide the human resources to coach and guide improvements. But without a corresponding investment to drive enterprise knowledge, this spend can be largely ineffective.

The secret to continued success is locked away in enterprise data that is trapped in silos. The resulting effect is unfortunately misinformed priorities, inconsistent action, and a general lack of organizational focus. Ultimately, the result is average performance, continued inconsistency, and no real change in market share. Is it time to unlock your true potential and uncover your brand’s personalized roadmap for growth?

Organizations with engaged and empowered teams, who are executing on the right strategy with specific attainable goals in mind, are far more likely to be successful. Furthermore, teams who have clear goals, aligned reward mechanisms, and consistent guidance are happier and more likely to succeed. By building organizational knowledge using enterprise data, machine learning, and predictive models, you can achieve laser-focus across the enterprise predicated on what matters most to customers and your bottom line.


The 4 strategic shifts that yield market leadership


 Success does not happen by accident. Instead, it is a continuum created by the right actions, at the right time, with consistency. It is a commitment to excellence and purpose in everything that you do. Collectively, your customers and your employees know your challenges and opportunities. They know what they want from your brand. They are invested members of your team... and their combined knowledge will help you unlock your true potential.


A roadmap to success

The process begins with a commitment to using enterprise data to unlock hidden knowledge. From there, data-driven and scientifically derived priorities displace gut-feel decision making to create a roadmap that is perfectly aligned with the wants and needs of your customers and employees. You begin to evolve into the best version of your brand creating a magnetic attractive force to bring in new customers, new talent, and elevated sales and profits. Quite simply, engaged employees executing on the right go-to-market plan with the right incentives and performance measures will empower systematic market share growth.


Getting started

It starts with a combination of 4 essential analytics modules to create the most comprehensive and intuitive view of your business you have ever seen.


Supporting Analytics Modules:

1. Employee Engagement Strategy
2. Marketing Optimization (product, promotion, price, and place)
3. Location Performance Optimization
4. Market Share Optimization

Followed and repeated, this systematic approach will provide valuable insights on what matters most to your customers and employees, reveal where inefficiencies lie, and quantify what return on investment you can expect by making improvements. The result is a clear roadmap to consistently refine and execute your brand vision. Powerful, transformative, and achievable in partnership with your team of Market Force experts.

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