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Customers are your second best asset. Employees are #1. Do they know that?



Employee Rewards

Do your employees know how important they are to your company's success? Employee engagement creates exceptional champions of your brand and that's a great business outcome for you. Market Force can help you set up and manage a rewards program for your greatest asset...which will serve to strengthen employee engagement!

Through the Engage Appframework, store crews, individual employees and managers can watch their progress toward performance-based goals. Our fulfillment services can then manage and complete benefit and reward payments directly to your team members via payroll integration, a marketplace loaded with merchandise, and automatic on-demand gift card fulfillment.

It’s time to gamify your enterprise.

Ready? 3...2...1...PLAY!


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Use data science to create a bonus program tied to the metrics that matter most.

Translate your KPIs into an engagement and rewards program for franchisees and front-line employees.

Following brand standards has never been so fun!


Remove the time-consuming leg work, and add the immediacy required in benchmarking, calculating, and fulfilling rewards.

The EngageApp framework is a true gamechanger allowing you to enjoy unprecedented employee engagement in your organizational goals. Gamification is the key to results in the modern economy, are you ready to press start?

  • Engage your entire front line team in the process of performance improvement.
  • Set smart goals and showcase the exact actions required at each location to optimize financial results.
  • Use Market Force to benchmark employee and key performance indicators and track progress toward your goals in real time.
  • Take the guess work out of employee engagement by understanding how well important priorities are being actioned in the field.
  • Remove the internal leg-work required to calculate bonus and incentive payments with little delay to beneficiaries.
  • Enjoy direct fulfillment of rewards/benefits alleviating accounting, finance and payroll workloads.

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