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Customer Experience Management

Improve customer loyalty and spending, increase customer retention and satisfaction levels, decrease customer churn, and reduce marketing costs by truly hearing every consumer's voice.

Market Force's CX Suite helps you improve the customer experience

You get the power of omnichannel support, customer feedback and satisfaction analytics, social listening, and predictive intelligence with Market Force to build a complete picture of your customers' experiences and take appropriate actions that drive meaningful impact.


Take a walk in your customer's shoes.

Go beyond measurement and turn customer mapping into something you act on. Understand the journey of your customers at every stage and how to improve their experience.


Deliver a quality omnichannel experience.

Using Market Force's multichannel case management solution, automation, and customer care team can help you simplify support, reduce costs, and keep your customers smiling.


Hear every single customer.

From surveys to social listening, get a 360-degree view on social, web, chat, email, and SMS, and more. With all data sources all feeding into one platform, you’ll get a complete view.


Execution across the entire customer journey matters.


Know exactly what to do next with real-time insights.

Your crystal ball on the experiences you deliver, Market Force's predictive analytics tells you what your customers will do next, so you can step in and take the right actions that will generate real business value. Monitor the success of your operations in one place with the Knowledgeforce® platform, our intuitive, easy-to-use reporting tool, with near real time review.

Ready to take your customer experience to the next level?

Create a world-class program with industry insights using our CX suite. Schedule a demo with our customer experience experts to see our programs in action!


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