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You can't manage what you don't measure.



Employee Surveys

Understanding what motivates your team can provide vital insight into how to improve culture. By tapping into enterprise knowledge at every level you can solve problems, find efficiencies, and create a work experience that is more enjoyable for all.

We deploy employee feedback tools, surveys, engagement strategies and through multiple channels to capture confidential feedback from your team. All results are posted to your company’s secure reporting platform instantly.

Benefits of Employee Surveys


Turnkey solution


Create brand champions


24/7 engagement toolkit


Reduce churn


Multiple interaction types


Integrated with KnowledgeForce®

Understand the drivers that engage your employees to create a culture of empowerment, inclusion and results.

The employee experience is complex. Through your engagement program with Market Force you will come to understand what matters most to increase engagement levels and ultimately the effectiveness of your workforce. Key areas of interest include:

Resources: The required tools, training, and resources to do their jobs

Teamwork: Teamwork to achieve goals

Work-Life Balance: The ability to balance the demands of work against time for family and play

Opportunities for Growth: Career paths and employee development

Pride in Products and Services: Pride in the quality of the product or service produced by the company

Mission and Purpose: Alignment of individual goals and corporate goals

Management: Management’s ability to support employees and get the job done

Fairness: Policies and problem resolution

Communication: Clarity and appropriate knowledge transfer

Engagement: Commitment to the brand and organization


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