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Employee Engagement Suite

Research shows that employee experience (EX) is the leading driver of customer satisfaction. EX is a continuously evolving trend shaped by rising innovations alongside ever-changing employee needs. With a holistic perspective of employee experience, your organization can pinpoint key drivers of engagement and attract, cultivate, and retain top talent.

Market Force's EX Suite helps you improve the employee experience

By tapping into enterprise knowledge at every level you can solve problems, find efficiencies, and create a work experience that is more enjoyable for all. Take a look at our employee engagement services and find out how we can help create an environment of empowerment, inclusion and results.


Capture the entire employee journey.

Employee pulse surveys, training assessment surveys, onboarding surveys, and exit surveys all provide actionable employee feedback to drive organization impact.


Supported employees are satisfied employees.

Employee Support helps keep employees satisfied by allowing real-time connectivity for employee concerns that can be resolved quickly, efficiently and with complete privacy. 


Positive reinforcement creates a virtuous cycle.

Through the Engage App™ framework, store crews, individual employees and managers can watch and have an effect on their progress toward performance-based goals.

Understanding what motivates your team can provide vital insight into how to improve culture.

group of motivated employees

Experience Experts

Leverage our expertise to build a model of employee experience, benchmark against your competitors and drive customized action plans. A proven, science-backed approach helps you plan, execute, and scale your EX program to drive measurable results. Our analytics team will help you understand what's working well for your organization and where you can improve in real-time.  

Real-time Employee Insights

All employee experience data is collected in the KnowledgeForce® Platform, Market Force’s online reporting platform for near real time review so that you can stay on top of new developments and view trends as they emerge. Keep a pulse on each location’s performance by monitoring all aspects of the employee experience from one easy to use mobile solution.


Three reasons to get started today!

Holistic Approach

See your organization’s entire employee experience like you’ve never seen it before. Use employee surveys to unlock a full view of what matters to your employees and automatically deliver real-time insights to leadership teams so they can take action. 

360 Degree Support

Our employee support provides omni-channel support capabilities to immediately respond to your employees, scale support, and reduce the burden on HR resources. This ensures their issues will be addressed promptly fostering employee loyalty.

Constant Feedback

Organizations can no longer afford to wait a year or two to gather employee and organizational feedback. Our comprehensive EX survey suite makes it easy to collect feedback at every point of the employee lifecycle. 

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Employee Experience Checklist

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