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Plot twist: Turn ordinary movie-going into an extraordinary experience.


CX Solutions for the Movie Theater Industry

Every movie-goer deserves an exceptional experience. With our innovative CX Solutions tailored specifically for the movie theater industry, we're here to transform ordinary screenings into extraordinary memories.

Elevating the movie-going experience

At Market Force, we believe that every movie-goer deserves an unforgettable experience, from the moment they step through the doors until the credits roll. With our comprehensive Customer Experience (CX) Solutions for the movie theater industry, we're here to transform ordinary screenings into extraordinary memories. Our services encompass every touchpoint of the movie-going journey, from ticket purchase to post-show feedback.

We're committed to helping movie theaters thrive in an increasingly competitive industry. With tools like mystery shopping, customer surveys, case management and more, we provide theaters with the tools and insights they need to deliver exceptional experiences that keep audiences coming back for more.

Movie Theater CX metrics for 2023

3 ways Market Force can help Movie Theaters

1. Unlocking Insights

Mystery shopping allows movie theaters to gain valuable insights into the customer experience from an objective perspective. Our team of experienced mystery shoppers will assess every aspect of your theater, from ticket purchasing and concessions to cleanliness and staff interactions. By identifying areas for improvement and best practices, mystery shopping empowers theaters to deliver consistent, high-quality experiences to every guest.


2. Engaging Audiences

Understanding your audience is key to delivering memorable movie experiences. With our customized customer survey solutions, theaters can gather actionable feedback directly from their patrons. Whether it's measuring satisfaction levels, gauging interest in upcoming films, or soliciting suggestions for improvement, our surveys provide theaters with invaluable insights to inform strategic decisions and enhance customer engagement.


3. Continuous Improvement

Implementing feedback and addressing customer concerns in a timely manner is essential for maintaining customer loyalty. Our efficient customer support system enables theaters to track and resolve customer issues seamlessly. From resolving complaints and addressing facility maintenance needs to recognizing outstanding staff members, our case management solutions empower theaters to prioritize customer satisfaction and drive operational excellence.

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