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Calling all telecom retailers: Increase repeat business and contract renewals.



CX Solutions for the Telecom Industry

Understand why locations differ in activation rates and put actions in place to increase sales and renew contracts. Identify critical behaviors across customer satisfaction, retail experience and store set up.


Improve repeat business

Consumers have many choices across service providers, and capturing and retaining their wallet share depends on delivering great experiences. You must measure the customer experience at multiple points in their relationship with you to retain their business. What was the first experience like? How are you engaging customers before contract renewals are due? How do you identify and encourage lapsed customers to come back? Market Force customer experience surveys measure your customers’ perceptions of value, identifies customers who may defect, and provides critical information about how to create repeat business.

Manage the business, not phone calls

Many customers explore telecom providers with a phone call. What do you offer—and how much does it cost? What appointments are available? Where are you located? If your operators are too busy with on-site customers to take those calls, Market Force’s outbound call center agents can book your customer appointments. We will free up precious time that franchisees and operators need to manage their businesses and deliver great customer experiences. Our agents become the voice of your brand—and we’ll meet or beat required service levels.



Identify your high value consumers

Not all customers have equal value. Some will be very receptive to your brand, others will not. Some present high-value opportunities for growth, others will only consume your resources without much return. Market Force delivers in-depth customer segmentation studies that identify clearly defined customer groups, attaches a value to them, describes them, identifies engagement strategies, and prioritizes opportunities for investment.


The 2023 Wireless Panel Study results are now available!

Find out how consumers feel about their current carriers, mobile devices, and more.


Telecom Case Study

'Criticality Index' gives a clear signal

 A leading telecom provider was in a fierce competition for market share. They had used mystery shopping sporadically as a tool to check on their retail locations, and customer satisfaction surveys to gather consumer feedback, but executives had lost enthusiasm for the program. They just weren’t seeing any meaningful detail on how they were performing, and more importantly, what they should do about it. 




To discuss your needs for improving performance for your multi-location brand, give us a call.

We’d be happy to discuss best practices for measuring the customer experience and compliance to brand standards, using analytics to understand what matters most and the ROI for change, and technology solutions that integrate large quantities of data on one single platform. We look forward to a great discussion!