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Our apps put the solution you need right in the palm of your hands.

Market Force Apps

Market Force apps deliver the services you need on any device at any time!

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Eyes On Global empowers your team to gather data, pictures, video and more at each location to complete quality audits, checklists, inventory, price checks and more! 


Customer support has changed forever! With Case Closed you can empower front line managers to handle customer questions and concerns using professional templates assisted by AI to deliver timely communications.


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Eyes On Global App

Eyes On Global (replacing Eyes:On) is our new and improved mobile auditing app that provides a refined user experience. It boasts great new features including enhanced geolocation, video capture, AI quality checks and more!

Stream data from anywhere anytime with Eyes On Global!

Discover Eyes On Global in the app store or explore our Site Audits service to learn more about how we can help you streamline your mobile auditing experience!

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Case Closed App

The Case Closed™ app is used as part of our Customer Support services suite. It brings the complaint resolution process directly to your field teams, and allows resolution of customer issues immediately, directly in the field and in the moment. Customer issues are available for resolution as soon as they are submitted allowing you to to recover more customers and protect more future revenue!

Case Closed helps save time and increases customer satisfaction!

Explore Case Closed in the app store to experience the power of resolving customer complaints on the go or learn more about our comprehensive Customer Support services that elevate your customer satisfaction game.

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