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Everything you need to run a professional CX program. All the benefits. No risk.



All aboard the CX Express!

Launch a mystery shopping program in just 10 minutes with no commitments, no minimums, and no long-term obligations with CX Express Mystery Shopping from Market Force. Order whenever you want, stop, or restart at any time. All for an incredibly low price!

Mystery Shopping is your eyes and ears on demand anytime!

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CX Express: As Easy as 1-2-3

1. Select your product

Review the Mystery Shopping options below. You'll have the choice between paying-per-shop every two weeks or once a month, or choosing an annual pre-paid plan for both a savings benefit as well as the benefit of insights over time. When you click 'PURCHASE', it will take you to the product page in the store.

2. Select settings for your shops

Once you're in the store, review every option and set your reimbursement amount, select your industry, business type, and more. Then you'll need to specify how many locations you want shopped with these settings. You will be able to shop additional locations with different settings by adding your desired shop to the cart, and then customizing another shop. You’ll be able to review your cart before you check out to ensure its accuracy. 

3. Place your order and await your welcome package!

Your welcome package will contain Excel templates to enter location details and user emails to get your program up and running, as well as important information about your program. You can expect to receive the results of your completed and processed shops in a timely manner. The subscription, frequency, and type of shop selected will dictate when the results will be sent. 


CX Express Mystery Shopping

Review the following subscription and pricing options and then select PURCHASE to proceed to the product page in the store:

Option 1:

Pay-per-shop every 2 weeks or once a month


Option 2:

Pre-pay for 12 months of shops and save!


 Pre-pay saves 15% per shop


This amount does not include a shopper reimbursement. Per industry standard, Mystery Shoppers are reimbursed for their purchase during the shop. You will be able to choose an amount appropriate for your locations in the store settings, and that amount will be added on to the price of every shop. You will not be responsible for any other payment to the shopper.

Have over 50 locations?

Learn about our full service Mystery Shopping Services.


To learn more about the details of this program, visit our FAQs.

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