3 Tips for Collecting Customer Experience Data on Mobile Apps

The COVID-19 pandemic has revamped how people are using their smartphones. With an increase in app usage, how can multi-location brands use apps to collect customer experience data?


These days, virtually every company has developed a mobile app—and consumers have responded well. In Market Force’s industry panel research, we ask consumers to tell us about how they use mobile apps—and which apps they’ve downloaded and how they use them. Consumers check gas prices, have groceries delivered, and check to make sure merchandise is available.

So how can multi-location brands use apps to collect customer experience data? How can they get information about the operations in their stores? Market Force has just released its new Eyes:OnTM mobile app. We focused on three design principles that B2B clients and consumers wanted in a usable and useful design:

  1. Incorporate geo-fencing. Use location data to pinpoint information about the exact store being evaluated. This minimizes effort to enter data that’s easily available—and that makes it more likely that data will be a) completed and b) accurate.
  2. Allow visuals to be attached. The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is still true. Make sure your app allows interviewers, auditors and consumers to attach a photo or a video. Sometimes voice recordings can be really useful. For example, when Market Force conducts customer intercepts, short audio files can be attached to the interview report.
  3. Be mindful of interface design. A single question on a page, grouping questions together in intuitive categories, using sliders for rating scales—all of the human factors design principles apply when creating a mobile app.

At Market Force, shoppers use Eyes:On to conduct mystery shops. Our clients’ internal auditors use the app to collect data and transmit that data either to their internal reporting platforms or to our KnowledgeForceTM platform. Consumers use the app to give us opinions about their experiences. All of these use cases help multi-location businesses keep their “eyes on” operations in their stores and the customer experiences they offer. And that leads to more money in their pockets. 

To discuss applications about our new Eyes:On mobile app, give us a call!