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An Innovative Way to Keep Eyes On Your Brand Standards

It's important that brand standard compliances be audited, evaluated, and corrected across multiple channels, for a full-service solution to measure and act on CX and merchandising challenges.

Market Force continuously evolves its product set to meet the needs of our clients. One of those needs is providing an innovative and easy way for our clients’ internal teams, mystery shoppers, and customers to compile and report audits. Our Eyes:On auditing app, a tool that saves time and makes data more tangible.

Many of our clients have implemented the Eyes:On auding app, going from an internal audit tool that could only be completed via desktop to a fully functional app on mobile and tablet devices. Being able to complete an audit with mobile technology—but not requiring a connection to complete a report while in the field—has improved productivity. This has been extremely useful for them as auditors would sometimes have no or limited connectivity. But there are more benefits to keeping an eye on your products:


1. With the app, auditors fill out information in real-time. Our clients say the auditing app has helped them reduce costs by reducing man-hours and improving quality. Instead of spending hours filling in documents, teams can focus on what the data actually say.


2.  The audit data has really helped clients improve their mystery shopping scores by being firm but fair on their internal visits as they now have two sources of data pointing towards similar results—all consolidated in one place. Creating the perfect opportunity to coach operators and franchisees with useful information that will help them improve their stores.


3. Our clients now use the app to collect additional merchandising information, like the presence of POS materials and checks on inventory. That has prevented them from over-ordering and reduces the risk of waste.


The feedback we have received from all members of staff that use of the Eyes On auditing app has been phenomenal: They find it user-friendly and a great tool. Our clients have been more than pleased with how the app has helped them improve their business!


To learn more about our Eyes:On app for auditors and our merchandising services, click the link below to schedule a briefing with one of our sales representatives. We’d love to give you a demo!