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5 Tips For Measuring Grocery Guest Experience

The competitive grocery space has experienced so many changes in just the last 12 months. The pandemic and shutdown have caused the online grocery business to explode with growth. In this dynamic and competitive landscape, keeping the focus on your customers and delivering to your brand standards can be challenging. So to help you do that, let us offer five tips for measuring customer experience in the grocery industry.

Pay close attention to the checkout experience. From online user experience to in person be mindful of cashier courtesy, bagging, and efficiency of line management. We’ve found that consumers are forgiving if they feel lines are being managed well, tills are open, and cashiers continue to be courteous even in the face of long lines.

Let the specialty departments be the face of your brand. In our panel research and client programs we’ve validated over and over the importance of service in the specialty departments. Product knowledge and suggestions are very important to delivering a great experience and can help you differentiate.

Solve problems. Keep an eye on your digital customer experience. When customers have a problem, your staff need to be empowered to solve those problems. Make sure you’ve trained staff on common issues and how to solve them, and the helpful and professional attitude that must be maintained.

Always present quality. You know this, but let me emphasize the impact your store’s appearance has on your customers. A bright shiny floor and squeaky clean bathroom tells customers that you’re handling their food properly—and when they’re buying fresh produce, meat and seafood, that really matters. Make [the online shopping experience] as real as possible, don’t underestimate the power of high quality photographs of products.

Make sure your customers receive consistent messaging online and in-store. Whatever you say online needs to be honored in the store. Coupon redemption, loyalty card points, special product promotions—whatever consumers read online or in the store must match. If they don’t, you’ll confuse or anger your customers and hurt your brand. Consider using customer journey mapping to help you understand the customer’s omnichannel experience.

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