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Market Force’s 2021 QSR Consumer Survey. The Results Are In!

The COVID-19 pandemic has truly changed how consumers live and think. With this in mind, the QSR consumer study looks at which factors are most important to consumers today.

Since the pandemic, why guests chose one restaurant over another has transformed into a dynamic scenario defined by visit satisfaction, and brand trust, each playing off the other across the lifetime of the consumer’s engagement. With this in mind, the study looks at which factors are most important to consumers today.

A theme that we saw in this year's QSR Competitive Benchmark Study is that it’s no longer ok to just deliver a satisfactory experience. With COVID-19 trust is now more important than ever. As QSR consumers return to a sense of normalcy it will be the QSR brands that can retain this trust that will receive their loyalty.


In this year's study, we identified the critical drivers of satisfaction. What matters most differs by sector—but falls into the primary categories of food quality, service speed, staff friendliness, and value received. 

With the results, we learn what key areas QSRs in each category need to get right to delight the customer. We also look at the influence of third-party delivery services as the QSR industry devoted more resources to delivery and take out this year.  

You can find highlights of the 2021 results here or schedule a briefing and we’ll walk you through the results.