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Is it The Great Resignation or a Poor Company Culture?

With employees, leaving at alarming rates, it's important to consider whether they are leaving because of pandemic conditions or because of poor company culture.

The Great Resignation is here and no organization is safe from its transformational effect. While the industries hit hardest are leisure, restaurants, hotels, professional services, and retail the entire economy is experiencing the impact. With employees, leaving at alarming rates, it's important to consider whether they are leaving because of pandemic conditions or because of poor company culture.

Culture is essential for retaining and motivating employees. It shapes every interaction your employees have with one another. Your culture is either encouraging them to proactively solve issues, or encouraging them to scroll through job postings. It’s either instilling them with confidence to take on a new project or driving them out the door the moment their shift ends. In other words, culture helps people participate in almost every activity they do, especially work.

While a company’s culture is fluid and shifts over time, its values do not. Company values are often renamed and tweaked over the years but they tend to define the principles and beliefs outlined by leadership. Because they influence employee engagement and culture, HR's mission and values must be clearly stated. If you’re wondering what your culture is and if it’s keeping your employees engaged, you are not alone.



Measuring the entire employee experience may be a time-consuming endeavor, but beginning with just one or two areas of your company culture and engagement is a good place to start. You may examine how employee engagement drives (or derails) your corporate culture by measuring these two things simultaneously. The objective is not to define what your culture is, or what you want it to be, but rather to determine whether your culture is helping or hurting your company.


How do you measure something like that? Culture's influence on employee engagement may be a good place to start.


Implementing a full employee engagement program may seem like a tedious task. There's a lot of data to sort through, and it has a tendency to go bad. Long surveys, delayed results, and complicated organizational reporting requirements have made the process seem costly and ineffective. Fortunately, with our employee experience suite, employee engagement surveys are easy to implement and are designed to identify key issues within your organization, and if they are related to the overall culture. Providing real-time data to help your organization establish baseline measurements, track progress, and generate a quantifiable metric.

Market Force Employee Engagement surveys can help you streamline and accurately measure engagement with:

Real-time Results

To improve team morale and passion, you must act quickly. That implies you can't wait months—or even weeks—for your employee engagement surveys to come back. Whether you're dealing with thousands or even hundreds of thousands of responses, our platform processes outcomes in real-time as they arrive.


Hierarchical Reporting

It's essential to know who is engaged and, more significantly, who isn't. You may need hierarchical reporting to analyze data at the division, geographic, and team levels. You can then easily determine which levers to pull to boost employee engagement and productivity because they have visibility into pockets of high or low involvement. 


Customized Flexibility

Different organizations want to ask their employees different things in different ways. Our employee engagement surveys let you customize your questions, or choose from a library of questions created by our industry experts. You can then deploy them to your employees in real-time.


So whether it’s a free snack wall in the office or using digital employee rewards, the subtleties of what and why you do things are a tricky place to start measuring. Instead, start by measuring the impact those cultural pieces have on employee engagement – and let us help!

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