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Customer Experience Management
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Customer Experience Management
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Action planning frameworks
Customer Experience Management
that drive results.

About Market Force Information

In 2005, three entrepreneurs met at a Boulder, Colorado coffee shop. They asked each other, “what if?” What if they could consolidate the fragmented customer experience measurement industry? What kinds of synergies might there be if you combined different measurements? What if you tied measurements to financial KPIs?

From that original vision, Market Force Information was launched. Now more than a decade later, we have deployed CX management services and solutions to multi-location businesses around the world.

Every month, we collect, process and analyze millions of customer satisfaction and employee engagement surveys; conduct in excess of 100,000 mystery shops and audits; manage over 150,000 inbound contacts to our contact centers; and engage thousands of consumers in social media for customer recovery.

Our goal is to move the needle, not just collect data. To do this, we deploy sophisticated modeling practices by a team of PhD statisticians and data scientists to link measurements to financial KPIs and extract strategic value from the results. 

And the synergies the founders wondered about? We now leverage multiple data sources, apply predictive analytics with KPIs, and provide clients with insights that tell them exactly what actions to take to protect their brand’s reputation, delight their customers, and make more money. At each and every location.

Featured News

Market Force ranks in 2018 AMA Gold Report

Market Force again ranked in the American Marketing Association's Gold Report of top 50 market research firms. The industry and the report have changed and grown substantially in 45 years, and Market Force is one of the established and respected research institutions included in this report that reflect the tradition as well as the transformation of the industry.

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Featured News

Wegmans is America's favorite grocery store

Wegmans is America’s favorite grocery retailer, according to an annual consumer study of more than 12,800 shoppers conducted by Market Force. Publix, which tied with Wegmans for the top spot last year, is a close second, followed by Trader Joe’s, ALDI and H-E-B. This is the third consecutive year that Wegmans has ranked first in the study, after unseating long-running favorite Trader Joe’s in 2016.


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Featured News

Phillips 66 Launches Market Force's Fuel Forecast Indicator

Market Force and Phillips 66  have developed and deployed a new reporting tool that allows marketers and operators of the Phillips 66 brands to predict how improvements in consumer experience can grow fuel volume sales. The Key Driver Fuel Forecast Indicator leverages insights gathered from Phillips 66’s mystery shopping and audit programs to formulate predictions that can drive change and improvements in terms of gallons sold.

Using the power of sophisticated financial modeling, the Market Force Analytics & Insights team identified the key operational metrics that drive fuel volume performance. Working with Market Force’s technology team, these insights were incorporated into a web-based performance calculator that shows operators how improvements on specific metrics can increase fuel volume at the site level. Now, an operator can understand the potential ROI for enhancements, enabling them to make more informed decisions about the management of each site in the system.


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Featured News

Customer experience initiatives evolved over the past decade

Five Guys began working with Market Force in December 2007, when Five Guys had less than 400 locations in North America. Since then, Five Guys has grown to more than 1,300 locations in North America and expanded internationally in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.  

“We focus on building organic word of mouth marketing,” said Molly Catalano, VP of Marketing and Communications for Five Guys. “We want our customers to have an incredible experience every time and tell their friends, family members and colleagues. Market Force has been instrumental in guiding our work in this area, and ensuring that we are not only capturing and analyzing critical data to find gaps in execution, but also showing us how targeted improvements can create raving fans for our business and help our stores drive bottom line results.”

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