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Customer Experience Management
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Customer Experience Management
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Customer Experience Management
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About Market Force Information

In 2005, three entrepreneurs met at a Boulder, Colorado coffee shop. They asked each other, “what if?” What if they could consolidate the fragmented customer experience measurement industry? What kinds of synergies might there be if you combined different measurements? What if you tied measurements to financial KPIs?

From that original vision, Market Force Information was launched. Now more than a decade later, we have deployed CX management services and solutions to multi-location businesses around the world.

Every month, we collect, process and analyze millions of customer satisfaction and employee engagement surveys; conduct in excess of 100,000 mystery shops and audits; manage over 150,000 inbound contacts to our contact centers; and engage thousands of consumers in social media for customer recovery.

Our goal is to move the needle, not just collect data. To do this, we deploy sophisticated modeling practices by a team of PhD statisticians and data scientists to link measurements to financial KPIs and extract strategic value from the results. 

And the synergies the founders wondered about? We now leverage multiple data sources, apply predictive analytics with KPIs, and provide clients with insights that tell them exactly what actions to take to protect their brand’s reputation, delight their customers, and make more money. At each and every location.

Featured News

Marco’s Pizza Selects Market Force Information to Ensure Excellence in Customer and Employee Experience

7 March 2018 — Marco’s Pizza has selected Market Force for its customer experience and employee engagement initiatives. Market Force will provide strategic insights from customer satisfaction surveys to determine what matters most to its customers, identify gaps in execution and understand the impact on revenue that results from targeted improvements.

Market Force will also execute an employee engagement survey program, collecting and analyzing input from employees to identify areas for improvement. Marco’s goal with employee engagement is to become the employer of choice in the restaurant industry — a place where management values its staff, equips team members with the right onboarding process, enables flexible staffing options and provides team members with visibility into how they can advance their careers within the business.

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Featured News

Market Force releases results of 2018 fashion retailer survey

Market Force surveyed almost 11,000 respondents covering all U.S. and Canadian regions to find out which premium fashion retailers and shoe retailers were consumers’ favorites. The study looked at attributes that matter most to shoppers, including store atmosphere, ability to create a “look,” ability to find the correct size, assistance from sales personnel, and the use of loyalty cards, among other criteria. The study also looked at the brick-and-mortar versus online shopping.

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Featured News

Market Force to manage Church's Chicken contact center

Church’s Chicken has selected Market Force to manage its contact center services for 1,040 restaurants across 29 states. Contact center data will be available to restaurant operators via KnowledgeForce, Market Force's centralized reporting platform, along with other brand-critical performance metrics to give a full picture of the customer experience.

“Linking guest experience measures with other internal performance metrics such as speed of service, operational audits, same-store sales and customer counts will undoubtedly power strong, strategic growth," said Brendan Berg, senior vice president of Global Operations Services for Church’s Chicken. 

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Featured News

Market Force achieves client growth, milestones for its CX solutions

Market Force closed a successful 2017 with new client wins, client expansions and major company milestones. Through its host of customer experience (CX) solutions – ranging from customer surveys and mystery shopping programs to contact center services and social media monitoring – Market Force is empowering new and existing clients to protect their brands, delight customers and increase revenues.

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eBook: Guest Recovery & Contact Center Services

In a recent competitive benchmark study by Market Force on consumer preferences in the restaurant industry, we found that 21% of consumers who had a bad experience actively complained through a guest experience survey, social media post or a call to the contact center. The key consideration for restaurant organizations is how effectively they recover that 21% and the revenues they represent. Considering that a 5% improvement in retention rates can raise profits from 15% to 50%, an effective contact center isn’t just a “nice-to-have” anymore – it’s a necessity.

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