Grow your same store comparable sales

The fight for share of stomach is fierce. Your ability to grow your sales comps will depend on consistent execution that keeps your guests coming back for more. 

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The restaurant industry continues to be an area of high growth, with over $700 billion in global sales and more than one million restaurant locations in the United States alone. Guests form their opinions of restaurant brands based on their experiences. A well-run restaurant creates a better brand reputation that benefits all franchisees—and one with poor operations creates risk for those same franchisees. Consumers have too many choices to waste their dollars on a poor experience. 

Market Force provides a suite of tools to help restaurant franchisees maximize their same store comparable sales growth. We help you measure and improve delivery to brand standards, create exceptional guest experiences, and minimize costly complaints. Our mystery shopping services measure food quality, service, cleanliness, and other standards that protect your brand's reputation—for every franchisee. 

The guest experience you create will determine whether your success—either as a brand or a franchisee. Listening and responding to guest feedback across all channels is critical. Market Force provides three guest feedback channels for our restaurant brands, including guest experience surveys, social media monitoring, and contact center. By combining all of this data on a single platform, every stakeholder in the organization can gain insight into the guest experience across all channels and coach their teams on improvement. Our guest experience solutions will help you: 

  • Identify locations with unusually high volumes of customer complaints
  • Track improvement in loyalty and delivery on critical drivers
  • Categorize open-ended guest feedback and trend it over time
  • Coach your teams with both opportunities to improve and compliments on a job well done

Knowing what you need to change is half the battle. The other half is actually driving change down to the individual location level. Some of your restaurants are already superstars. Others need help. And what needs to be improved at one restaurant may be different from another. That’s why creating a location-level improvement plan is so important to improving loyalty and same store comparable sales. 

To empower locations, Market Force provides an online planning tool that lets operators build individualized plans for achieving their goals. Our Success Playbook prioritizes potential improvement by the highest ROI so that operators know where to start. They can compare performance to their region or the brand, goal-set, create action plans, and monitor performance over time. Step by step, every location can improve—and that's more money in everyone's pocket. 


2017 QSR Research

In January 2017 we surveyed more than 11,000 US consumers and asked them about their dining habits including brand preference, visit frequency, technology usage, and customer experience.

Here's infographics of some of the key findings for the categories we researched.

Frozen Desserts
Coffee & Bakery

Is your menu working?

Learn more about our menu satisfaction studies. They can help brands understand if there are menu items that just don’t appeal to customers or if menu items are simply not being prepared properly. Remember, your menu has the power to change the performance of your business so make sure you've got it right.

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Increasing Beverage Incidence

In many QSR and fast casual restaurants, the majority of the meal profitability is from the beverage. And beverage incidence, which is the number of meal purchases made that include a drink, in many restaurant organizations is on the decline. So the simple task of asking customers if they would like a beverage to accompany their meal is key to total restaurant sales revenue and profitability.

For this reason, Market Force has developed a program, Crew Incentive, in which restaurants partner with drink manufacturers to drive beverage incidence. The results are impressive.

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Thought Leadership

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