We are proud to partner with multi-location businesses, providing a wide array of customer experience management solutions, analytics and reporting technology. Our solutions help our clients protect their brand reputation, delight customers and make more money.

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Tortilla Launches Customer Experience Programme

Tortilla, the UK’s largest Mexican burrito restaurant chain, is partnering with Market Force to listen to the voice of its customers and measure execution on brand standards and customer expectations through a mystery diner programme. Programme results will feed into Market Force’s proprietary reporting platform, KnowledgeForce®, which will provide each location manager with a Success Playbook.

Success Playbook™ enables every location to set goals to achieve operational excellence and deliver a great customer experience. For Tortilla, data gathered through a customer satisfaction survey and the mystery diner programme provides each location with details of areas where they can improve. Using Tortilla’s e-learning and training content, teams create action plans that help them bridge the gap between customers’ expectation and current execution. The Success Playbook includes gap-to-goal calculators, ROI analyses and tips and tools. All action plans can be monitored by teams, managers and senior stakeholders via the online reporting platform.

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Featured News

Market Force achieves client growth, milestones for its CX solutions

Market Force closed a successful 2017 with new client wins, client expansions and major company milestones. Through its host of customer experience (CX) solutions – ranging from customer surveys and mystery shopping programs to contact center services and social media monitoring – Market Force is empowering new and existing clients to protect their brands, delight customers and increase revenues.

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Market Force ranks in 2017 Global Top 50 Research Organizations

Market Force ranked in the Global Top 50 ResearchOrganizations, or GT50, report, a unique look at the 50 largest businesses in the global research industry.

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Announcing Eyes:On for Auditors

The Eyes:On™ mobile app allows your auditors to complete questionnaires with their Android and iOS smart phones and tablets. Geo-location and geo-fencing technologies help auditors easily link to the sites they are evaluating, and auditors can complete their work offline even if connectivity drops. Need photos? Users can attach photographs to questionnaires from their smart phones. 

Eyes:On eliminates the need for paper, and gives your audit team a friendly, easy-to-use tool through which to complete essential audits. With just a few clicks, your staff can complete bespoke questionnaires and audits at your locations and upload directly to the KnowledgeForce® reporting platform. Audits become an additional datastream sitting alongside other brand and location level data like mystery shops, customer surveys, contact centre, and social media.

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Phillips 66 Launches Retail Excellence Programme in the US

In the US, Phillips 66 found that locations that received monthly mystery shops, along with reports that pinpointed action plans for improvement, reported higher customer satisfaction. As a result, the company is rolling out its Retail Excellence Programme to all 8000+ locations. Operations will be assessed with monthly mystery shops and consumer input captured in surveys. These results are coupled with financial data, and powerful, predictive analytics to pinpoint what matters most to consumers and what specific changes at each location will have the biggest impact on sales.

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