Leading Global Research Firm Names Market Force “Breakout Vendor"

As you may have seen in the press, Forrester Research has named Market Force a breakout vendor in their January 2017 report titled “Breakout Vendors: Domain-Specific Insights Service Providers.” The article emphasizes the importance of getting access to “data-derived insights” and then acting on them. Forrester calls out Market Force’s innovations in three specific areas:

  • Current offering: Predictive models, data-rich visualizations, decision tools boost CX
  • Scenarios: Location-specific insights differentiate customer-centric strategies
  • Road map: A blueprint for insight-to-execution regarding the new Success Playbook

Why the attention?

The nod to Market Force’s capabilities particularly focused on our capabilities for creating location-level insights and our predictive analytics capabilities linking customer experience to a financial ROI. The recognition from an organization like Forrester is thrilling—and reflects the pain that industry leaders share with us.

Running a multi-location brand with hundreds or thousands of locations requires both a clear vision and absolute tenacity in keeping the brand intact. As the brand grows, the control that founders or executives had is diluted. Regional managers, store managers, and franchisees now have a profound impact on the brand—and that impact ranges from its overall reputation to whether it will achieve its financial goals.

To retain the brand reputation and maximise opportunities to increase revenue and reduce costs, multi-location brands must have insights into how each of their locations perform. They need the tools to drive change—and the strength to demand excellence. Too often I see brands relying on data at the brand level. That 50,0000-foot view will not help your brand improve. So what to do instead?

  1. Set benchmarks for critical KPI’s. Understand whether locations perform above or below that benchmark.
  2. Create predictive models with drivers that show how to improve on the KPI.
  3. Demand that locations create action plans to improve—and provide tools to measure progress. Our Success Playbook is an example of that and was singled out in the Forrester Research.

Our best practices on our home page gives some great guidance on how to demand excellence from your locations. If you need help driving the initiatives for customer experience excellence, give us a call. We’d love to create a workshop to share our best practices and create momentum for 2017. 

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As Chief Strategy Officer, Cheryl aligns Market Force's strategic direction with our clients' strategic objectives. She oversees the North American client base, Analytics and Insights, Winnipeg Operations and Marketing. She has a Ph.D. in social psychology and broad business experience in both private and public companies.​

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