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  • Market Force Poll: 17% of Diners Say Tablets Improve the Overall Dining Experience

    5 December 2017—According to a new study by Market Force, which polled  nearly 8,000 consumers, tablets are failing to enhance the dining experience, Yelp continues to greatly influences casual dining restaurant choices over restaurant branded mobile apps, and guests are primarily using mobile apps to check menus.  

  • Most People Have a Mobile Banking App, but Do They Use It?

    31 October 2017 — The adoption of mobile banking apps is moving steadily ahead, according to new data from customer experience management firm Market Force. The company’s August 2017 poll of US internet users revealed that nearly 80% of respondents had downloaded their primary bank’s mobile app. But just because the app had been downloaded doesn’t mean it was used by most people with any regularity. The poll revealed that only about four in 10 respondents used their banking...

  • Users Prefer PayPal Over Apple Pay When It Comes to Digital Wallets

    26 October 2017 — Digital wallet adoption is slowly on the rise, and payments provider PayPal seems to be the most popular choice for users. Users of the PayPal digital wallet far extend users of its closest competition, Apple Pay, according to a Market Force Banking Study released yesterday. The study, which polled about 6,500 banking customers in August 2017, found that 67% of customers are using PayPal, while 39% are using Apple Pay.

  • Costco, Wawa gaining ground as gas fuel up locations

    10 August 2017 — The top consumer choices when it comes to gassing up the vehicle at a wholesaler is Costco and Wawa when it comes to grocery stores, according to a Market Force Information study which polled 7,000 consumers. While most vehicle owners still hit local gas station and convenience stores, wholesale clubs and grocers boasting pumps are gaining ground, according to a release on the study. Wawa ranked highest with 68 percent when it comes to preferred gas stations and convenience...

  • This Is America’s Favorite Store for Home Furnishings

    19 July 2017 — The name "Costco" may evoke jumbo packs of cereal or paper towels, but a new survey proves the brand is valued for more than just discount pantry goods. According to Market Force Information, Costco beat out Ikea to become America's favorite store for home furnishings.

  • America's favorite home improvement retailer is...

    11 July 2017 — A smaller-format, neighborhood-oriented retailer beat out big-box competitors to rank as the nation's favorite home improvement retailer in a just-released study. 

  • Ace Hardware, Costco top consumer choices for home improvement, furnishings

    13 July 2017For home improvement, Ace Hardware scored No. 1 with a composite loyalty score of 63%....Ace also ranked first for other categories such as ease of finding merchandise, staff service and knowledge and speedy checkouts. Merchandise variety and value was awarded to Menards and parking availability to Lowe’s. Home Depot ranked last in all service categories as well as cleanliness and value.  

  • Why do so many people love shopping at Ace Hardware?

    12 July 2017 — A new survey of more than 7,800 consumers has found that more name Ace Hardware as their personal favorite place to shop than any other retailer when it comes to home improvement projects. The research by Market Force Information asked survey participants to rate their satisfaction based on their last experience with a home improvement retailer. They were also asked how likely they were to recommend that retailer to others. The data collected was then averaged to determine the...

  • The AMA Gold Report 2017 Top 50 Market Research Firms

    30 June 2017 — Market Force was named in the American Marketing Association's Gold Report 2017 of top 50 market research firms. Market Force specializes in providing location-level customer experience management services, including mystery shopping, customer experience surveys, and employee engagement surveys.

  • Once Again Market Force Study Reveals T-Mobile And Consumer Cellular To Be America’s Favorite Carrier And MVNO

    13 June 2017 — Market Force, a customer experience management and research company, conducted a large-scale consumer study in May of 2017 polling over 8,200 consumers with the intent of uncovering trends in the wireless industry. The study focused on carrier performance, in store experience and service usage among other variables and was conducted through an online survey.


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