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  • Use Market Force Experience Management Solutions to Increase Revenues

    6 March 2019 — Whether you run multiple restaurant or retail locations or have a single bank branch, your customers’ experiences need to be top-notch and consistent. If they aren’t, you risk damage to your brand and – over time – a negative impact on your organization’s bottom line.

  • Are People Happy With Their Bank? Study Reveals Blind Spots and Problems

    8 January 2019 — New Market Force research reveals what really drives people's satisfaction with their primary banking provider, and weak spots that smart institutions can exploit. Financial institutions need to understand consumers' priorities, particularly how important it is to handle problems when they arise.

  • This is America's Favorite Fast Food Restaurant (Again)

    20 April 2018 — Animal style continues to reign supreme with fast-food patrons across America. In-N-Out Burger has once again topped Market Force’s annual customer survey of the nation’s top quick-service restaurants. In-N-Out Burger, a beloved California-based burger joint, earned a 76% rating in customer loyalty. That’s higher than any restaurant in any category, even though the chain is famously limited to only the West Coast.

  • This Convenience Store Chain Is America’s Favorite Sandwich Shop

    18 April 2018 — Philadelphians have long known that Wawa is more than just a place to grab a gallon of milk, a jug of raspberry lemonade and a vanilla latte: The convenience store chain also offers up some of the best hoagies in the biz. Now, that cat is out of the bag: Wawa leaped to number one on the list of America’s favorite fast food sandwich spots according to a new survey that also shows perennial favorites like In-N-Out and Chick-fil-A...

  • Chances Are You've Never Heard of America's New Favorite Pizza Chain

    19 April 2018 — America’s new favorite pizza chain restaurant may come as a surprise to many pizza aficionados. According to a new fast food survey conducted by Market Force Information, Pizza Ranch is the most beloved place to get a slice in 2018.The Midwest-based pizza chain started in Hull, Iowa in 1981, and now has 200 locations in over 13 states, including Colorado, Illinois, and Wyoming. They serve a pizza buffet with an assortment of...

  • The future of CX: Identifying and driving financial ROI

    The days of simply putting in measurement systems and reporting on results just don’t deliver enough value.  Best-in-class organisations are leveraging multiple customer experience measures, including mystery shopping, customer surveys, contact centre services, and social media review tracking, among others. In addition, those same industry-leading companies are integrating these measures and linking them to financial performance at the location level. ...

  • Study: America Picks its Favorite Quick-Service Chains

    April 2018 — Market Force's annual consumer study of America’s favorite quick-service restaurants produced some surprising results. The data, gleaned from nearly 11,500 consumers, ranked the top burger, sandwich, Mexican, pizza, and chicken brands. It also revealed consumer’s quick-service dining habits, brand preferences, and in-technology use.

  • Nordstrom ranks as top fashion retailer

    20 February 2018 — Nordstrom was the favorite premium fashion retailer among 10,000 shoppers, according to an annual fashion retail study conducted by Market Force. This marked Nordstrom's sixth year in a row as the voted favorite retailer, with 56%, and Lane Bryant came in second, up 7% to 52% in popularity from last year. The study also looked at what attributes consumers are looking for in a fashion retailer. Kohl's ranked first for its loyalty card program, as well as for...

  • An unexpected retailer is surging to be more popular than H&M, Kohl's, and Macy's

    21 February 2018 — Lane Bryant has won over the hearts of American shoppers. The plus-size store, which is owned by Ascena Retail Group, placed second on a list of Americans' favorite premium fashion stores, gaining seven percentage points of favorability over the year prior. 10,000 people responded to the survey, which was done by the customer-experience management company Market Force.Lane Bryant was second only to Nordstrom, which was voted the No. 1 favorite for the sixth year running...

  • Why Nordstrom Is the Country’s Favorite Retailer

    21 February 2018 — For the sixth year in a row, in an annual study by Market Force Information, Nordstrom earned the top spot as the United States’ favorite premium fashion retailer — and it’s largely due to the department store’s customer service.Polling more than 10,000 consumers, the study took into account factors such as store atmosphere, size options, checkout speed and merchandise selection — all areas in which Nordstrom ranked No. 1. (The Composite Loyalty Index, where...


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