• Mobile Banking on Rise, Physical Branches Still Important

    19th October 2016

    Americans are increasingly turning to their bank’s mobile app to conduct financial tasks, but many still rely on in-person interactions when seeking financial advice or learning about services, according to a new study by Market Force Information, an innovator in customer experience management. More than 9,500 consumers were polled for the retail banking industry study, which also revealed that PNC is consumers’ favorite national bank based on satisfaction.

  • New Market Force Study Finds Marriott Is America’s Favorite Hotel Chain

    14 September 2016

     According to a new large-scale consumer study conducted by Market Force, Marriott is consumers’ favorite brand among major hotel and motel chains. The study also found that, while many are using mobile apps to find and book hotels, newer technologies such as check-in kiosks aren’t yet enjoying the same level of success. More than 9,000 consumers were polled for the study, which was designed to uncover which hotel and motel brands are excelling, competitive...

  • Good Call: Study Reveals UK’s Favourite Mobile Phone Network

    17th June 2016

    Disruptive challenger brand Giffgaff has surpassed more established operators to be crowned as the UK’s favourite mobile network, according to independent research from Market Force Information® a leading customer experience management company. As part of the study, over 4,300 UK consumers rated various aspects of their mobile network provider. Market Force then averaged this data to rate each brand on a Composite Loyalty Index, benchmarking overall satisfaction and...

  • New Market Force Study Finds T-Mobile and Consumer Cellular Are Consumers’ Favorite Wireless Carriers

    15 June 2016

    According to a large-scale consumer study conducted by Market Force,T-Mobile is America’s favorite full-service wireless carrier and Consumer Cellular is its favorite among non-contract providers. More than 8,600 consumers were polled for the study, which was designed to uncover trends in wireless voice and data usage, carrier performance and satisfaction with the in-store experience, among other insights. 

  • Market Force Takes Mystery Shopping Mobile with New Eyes:On App

    2 June 2016

    Market Force is making mystery shopping more convenient and accessible than ever with Eyes:OnTM, a new mobile app that allows shoppers to view available assignments in their immediate area, select their desired assignments and submit shopping reports — all from their mobile devices.

  • Study Reveals the UK's Favourite Petrol Station

    10th May 2016

    In challenging times for the sector, Asda has been named as the UK’s favourite petrol retailer. In the large-scale consumer study, over 3900 UK consumers rated various aspects of their last experience on the forecourt. The study also identifies the key characteristics that drive satisfaction, revealing how petrol retailers can win and retain customers through improved customer experience.

  • New Market Force Study Finds Kwik Trip and BJ’s Are Consumers’ Favorite Places to Fuel Up

    10 May 2016

    Market Force found that, even though most motorists still fuel up at traditional gas stations, grocers and big-box brands continue to be popular choices for their low prices and convenience. For their recent trip to the pump, 71% visited a gas station, while 28% chose a grocer or big-box retailer. Additionally, while fuel prices are important, they’re not the only factor influencing a consumer’s choice of where to fill up – payment options, fuel quality, and the ease of...

  • New Market Force Information Study Finds Wegmans and Publix are America’s Favorite Grocery Retailers

    13 April 2016

    Findings from a new large-scale consumer study of more than 10,000 consumers conducted by Market Force Information® (Market Force) revealed that Wegmans is America’s favorite grocery retailer, followed by Publix Super Markets and Trader Joe’s. This is the first time in four years that Trader Joe’s did not rank first.For the rankings, Market Force asked participants to rate their satisfaction with their most recent grocery shopping experience and their likelihood to...

  • The UK’s Favourite Supermarket Revealed

    11th April 2016

    An in-depth industry study from Market Force Information®, the customer experience management company, reveals the UK’s best loved supermarket chain. Waitrose tops the poll for the second year in a row, followed by ALDI and Marks & Spencer.

  • Mystery shopping demystified – the secrets to getting paid for eating free dinners

    5th April 2016

    Whoever said “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” obviously hadn’t heard about mystery shopping. In fact, mystery shoppers can not only get a free lunch, breakfast or dinner, they get paid for the privilege as well!


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