Our latest research into the casual dining customer experience in the UK has shown that Wagamama leads the way, leveraging its high quality food, menu variety, friendly service and healthy food choices to gain top spot. While other operators struggle to get this recipe right, Wagamama achieves high satisfaction levels as a result of focusing on the ‘customer first’, ensuring that visitors are delighted by their experience and go on to recommend the restaurant whether by word of mouth or, more likely, social media and review sites.

Our study shows that the UK home of pan-Asian cuisine is diners’ top choice for trying something new! And it is important to remember that delivering satisfaction on the first visit is key in outperforming other casual dining operators – because nearly half of visitors are likely to recommend the experience to family and friends. Contributing to this loyalty is Wagamama’s proficiency dealing with complaints and resolving issues. Of the few diners who encountered problems, over 60% reported that their issue was dealt with satisfactorily, again the top performing restaurant by this measure.

Along with ensuring polished service and an attractive restaurant environment, it’s clear that the investment in offering customers what they want – expanding menus to offer more vegan and gluten free options and showing awareness of food allergies – makes the difference in creating a true experience and not just a meal transaction.

For the restaurant industry, getting customer experience right is critical. If you’d like to talk to us about how we can help you gain insight and implement measures to improve then get in touch.

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