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Madeleine Earl Gray of Market Force Information explains the benefits of mystery shopping and offers her expert top tips on doing it right.

London, U.K., 5 April 2016 – Whoever said “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” obviously hadn’t heard about mystery shopping. In fact, mystery shoppers can not only get a free lunch, breakfast or dinner, they get paid for the privilege as well!

Simply put, a mystery shopper goes into cafés, restaurants and shops and writes a report about their experience. It may not be a replacement for a full-time job, but it can help you earn a little extra income, not to mention the costs you’ll save from the freebies. At Market Force Information, some of our more frequent mystery shoppers make over £2,000 per year visiting shops, restaurants, and pubs.

Almost anyone can be a mystery shopper, from students, to retirees, to full-time workers – you don’t need qualifications, just the ability to write well and a good eye for detail.

Through the internet, it’s never been easier to find opportunities. At Market Force, we’ve just released a new app called Eyes:OnTM which lets you know about nearby opportunities. So if you’re out and about and fancy a free meal, you can simply use the app to see if any restaurant or retail locations near you need an evaluation. You can then sign up for the job and complete your evaluation on the spot. 

Mystery shopping is a very rewarding pursuit, and to help you make the most of it I’ve put together my top tips on being a savvy mystery shopper:

  1. Fit it around your job. Mystery shopping isn’t really an alternative to your job – in fact it works much better as something that fits around your current schedule. This means you can take assignments when you have time, or leave them when you don’t.
  2. Be flexible. You’re in control and that you’ll never be made to accept an assignment. The good thing is that you can complete assignments before work, on your lunchbreak or in the evenings. You may have to travel to some assignments so bear the cost and time involved before saying ‘yes’.
  3. Look at the assignment details carefully. Not all assignments are alike so make sure you read the details thoroughly, confirming how much you’ll be paid and reimbursed.  
  4. Be discerning. Mystery shopping works best when you’re getting something you’d have been buying anyway - a sandwich for lunch or some new clothes.
  5. Ensure you have the time. Assignments need to be completely carefully and with a good amount of detail. If you’re not sure whether you’ll have time to complete the job, it’s probably best not to take it on.
  6. Find a good provider. A few different companies use mystery shoppers but it’s important you find a good one. Things to look for include how widely they operate, the number of jobs they have available and how easy they make it for you to be reimbursed.
  7. Apps. Market Force’s Eyes:On app makes it easier than ever to be a successful mystery shopper. Going away for the weekend? The app can alert you to nearby jobs on the go. So why not stop at the next service station and have a bite to eat on Market Force? Have a couple of hours to kill before an appointment? No problem – Eyes:On can instantly show you what’s around.
  8. Save your receipts. It’s important to remember you’ll have to purchase items out of our own pocket before being reimbursed. Make sure you save all of your receipts so you can check against your earnings. Do bear in mind that, depending on your situation and how frequently you mystery shop, you may have to register as self-employed for tax purposes. 

Mystery shopping is getting more and more popular so if you think it might be a good fit for you – don’t delay! If you’d like more information, or would like to sign up with Market Force, download Eyes:On from the App Store and Google Play now.


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Market Force Information® provides location-level measurement solutions that help businesses protect their brand reputation, delight customers and make more money. Solutions include customer experience surveys, mystery shopping and contact centre data integrated on one technology and analytics platform. Founded in 2005, Market Force has a growing global presence, with offices in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France and Spain. It serves over 350 clients that operate multi-location businesses, including major retailers, restaurants, grocery and convenience stores, financial institutions and entertainment. More information can be found at www.marketforce.com/en-gb.

Date: Tuesday, April 5, 2016

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