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  • Why customers leave before buying and how to win them back

    21 December 2016—Consumers can change their mind about buying a product or service at any stage of the purchase journey and for any number of reasons but two new pieces of research find poor customer service and lack of availability are the main turn-offs.

  • Poor customer service putting people off high street shops, survey suggests

    7 December 2016 — Consumers are being put off shopping on the high street because of bad customer service, according to a survey. Slow service, rude staff and unavailable items are some of the issues that could be stalling a high street revival, the study of almost 3,000 UK adults by customer information company Market Force Information found.Seven in 10 shoppers also revealed that they had vowed never to return to a particular store because of a bad experience.

  • What is mystery shopping and how can you measure it?

    25 November 2016—New data-driven insights and management tools have transformed our understanding of the power of delivering exceptional customer experience (CX). In fact, customer experience is now gaining the recognition it has long deserved as a key tool for differentiation and driving growth. Used by retailers and marketers alike, mystery shopping programmes offer invaluable objective and data-driven customer experience measurement insights. However, too many businesses are failing to...

  • Eight ways to make the most of your mystery shopping programme

    Among the various methods of measuring customer experience, mystery shopping programmes are increasingly popular with over £1.1billion spend each year in the UK, according to the Mystery Shopping Providers Association. Used far and wide by high-street and online retailers, mystery shopping programmes are invaluable when it comes to objectively measuring customer experience. That said, many businesses aren’t using mystery shopping programmes to their full potential by linking results to the...

  • Making the most of mystery shopping

    The importance of delivering exceptional customer experience is increasingly recognised by retailers as a vital tool for differentiation and driving growth. Amid a multitude of ways to evaluate customer experience, mystery shopping programmes are proving to be invaluable for objective measurements and key insights. Despite annual spending on mystery shopping programmes topping £1.1bn, many retailers have yet to truly harness its effectiveness. Here Dr Cheryl Flink explains how...

  • Customers insist on better service

    Customer service is now a major differentiator in competitive markets where brands strive to stand out from the rest, but some do it better than others. Hear from industry experts and see the infographic. “The grocery sector is one of the most fiercely fought and price alone is no longer enough of a differentiator,” says Cheryl Flink, chief strategy officer for Market Force Information. “This means that retailers have had to up their customer service game in order to stay competitive,...

  • Study Reveals UK’s Favourite Mobile Phone Network

    Success of challenger brands sends big names a clear signal - Giffgaff is clearly Britain’s most loved network having opened up a 20 point lead over nearest rival Tesco Mobile. Virgin Mobile, and O2 tied for third place. Consumers also rated network providers on twelve critical attributes relating to satisfaction – the three most important categories were deemed to be network coverage, flexibility of plans and value for money. In every category people rate Giffgaff as the top provider,...

  • 20 ways to make money in your spare time

    There are ways to generate income outside the 9-5 grind - get busy in your free time and you could see the pounds rolling in. Moneywise shows you how to make money with our top money making tips. If money is tight, sticking to a budget and finding ways to cut back are advisable, but with a little imagination and effort you could find there are ways you can actually make money too.

  • How to become a mystery shopper

    Whoever said "there's no such thing as a free lunch" can't have heard about mystery shopping. In fact, mystery shoppers can not only get a free lunch, breakfast or dinner, they get paid for the privilege as well!"A mystery shopper goes into cafés, restaurants and shops and writes a report about their experience. It may not be a replacement for a full-time job, but it can help you earn a little extra income, not to mention the costs you'll save from the freebies," says Madeleine Earl Gray of...

  • Future of Retail - Retail Bulletin

    Market Force features in this year's Future of Retail 82 page supplement. Take a look at how changing consumer tastes and shopping habits will impact the world of retail. Also, find out who is the UK's favourite fast food restaurant and coffee shop (page 78).


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