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The financial services industry is highly regulated. In order to manage compliance with those regulations, you will need independent eyes and ears listening and observing your branches and locations. Our financial services mystery shopping and audit services minimise risk. We check the box on whether locations and employees conform to regulation ranging from the secure storage of financial documents to what financial advisors can say about investments.

Our clients have used our mystery shopping services to measure compliance of independent tax franchisees, advisory services in retail banks, and insurance agents. In all cases, we help you minimise risk and protect your brand's reputation. 

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Banks continue to invest in their brick-and-mortar branches. Although mobile apps and a move towards a cashless society make teller interactions less frequent, the in-person advisory experience remains critical to metrics like revenue per customer and retention. That advisory experience can be measured in two distinct ways, using both mystery shopping and customer experience surveys. Mystery shopping focuses on the advisor's ability to engage the customer, answer questions appropriately, and recommend relevant products.

Customer experience surveys assess subjective perceptions about the advisory experience: 

  • Did the advisor focus on my financial well being?
  • Did the advisor explain policies and product alternatives clearly?
  • Did I receive relevant product information? 
  • Will I continue with this bank or consider switching? 

All of these questions can be answered through a "better together" approach demonstrating the links between operational excellence and customer delight. 

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A customer journey map will help your financial services brand understand the various touchpoints customers use to interact with your brand. Each touchpoint has the opportunity to delight or frustrate the customer. Our goal is to help you understand the total customer experience, mapping and measuring interactions across all channels:

  • Key influencers of brand choice
  • Initial engagement with customer service representatives to open an account
  • Interactions with cashier for cashing a third-party cheque, depositing a cheque, obtaining coinage
  • Advisory experience for financial services and products
  • The online experience for setting up automatic bill pay
  • Branch call centre experience and effective problem resolution

Experiences across all of these touchpoints will impact your customers' decisions to remain loyal to you. That will help you increase customer retention and life time value. 

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Over 5,400 consumers participated in Market Force’s October 2015 retail banking survey. We assessed adoption and use of mobile technology, the in-branch advisory experience, and benchmarked brands on ability to serve and retain customers.

Our research found that consumers engage with cashiers, advisors, and call centre agents in a multi-channel approach to resolve issues, obtain information, and purchase services.

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