Market Force just released the results of its 2017 Fashion Retail Customer Experience study. Consumers rated John Lewis as delivering the best results, followed by House of Fraser, Zara, Next, and Debenhams. Perhaps the most compelling finding in the research was whether consumers were assisted during their shopping. Why does that matter? Conversion rates.

We asked consumers to tell us about their most recent experience shopping at their favourite fashion retailer. They rated their overall shopping experience as well as satisfaction with merchandise selection, atmosphere, checkout experience, etc. Consumers also indicated whether a sales associate assisted them during their visit and whether they made a purchase. Results?

37% of consumers were assisted by a sales associate.

On average, 85% made a purchase—however, 72% of those who were assisted by a sales associate made a purchase compared to 78% who were not. A 6-point difference.

Skilled sales associates made a big impact on conversion rate. At John Lewis, 84% of those who were assisted purchased something—compared to 66% who purchased when unassisted. That’s a 19-point difference and reflects the exceptional skills of the John Lewis staff.

Even in brands with lower price-points, service made a difference to conversion rates, with brands like TK Maxx and H&M getting markedly higher lift from their sales associates.

Sales associates matter in every industry. Investments in both their training and continuous measurement on execution drives ROI. If you would like to purchase a copy of this research or talk more about developing a sales efficacy model and measurement system, contact us at 44 1908 328 008. Or let us know of a time that works for you to review the research.

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