Market Force Information recently fielded its annual customer experience (CX) benchmark study for quick serve and fast casual restaurants. Over 3,000 UK restaurant guests responded, providing input about their overall satisfaction with their dining experience and insight into what drove those ratings. Five categories were rated, including:

  • Burger/steak/chicken grill
  • Coffee/café/snack
  • Pizza
  • Pub/bar
  • Sandwich

Within each category, we competitively benchmarked performance for top restaurant brands using our composite loyalty index—a blend of overall satisfaction with the experience and likelihood to recommend the restaurant to family or friends. Results appear below for each category.

Graph 1: Burger/steak/chicken/grill
Graph 2: Coffee/café/snack
Graph 3: Pizza
Graph 4: Pub/bar
Graph 5: Sandwich

If you would like to find out more about the research, please schedule a briefing and we will be glad to walk you through the research. 

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