In February 2017, Market Force conducted research with restaurant guests about their most recent dining experience at a QSR or fast casual restaurant. Over 3,300 UK guests responded to the research, providing information about their experiences dining at 20 brands in five different sectors. What did guests have to say?

App adoption has increased markedly. In 2015, only 11% of guests placed an order using an app. In 2017, that increased only slights—to 13%. What was very surprising was the increase in the use of kiosk technology. In 2015, 20% of guests placed their order using a kiosk. In 2017, that had increased to 38%.

Overall satisfaction with the dining experience varied widely by sector, with the burger/steak/chicken/grill sector having the lowest satisfaction ratings. In this sector, over 1 in 5 guests were dissatisfied with their experience and over 1 in 3 would not recommend the restaurant brand to a friend. In other sectors, about 1 in 5 would not recommend.

In each of the five sectors, we identified the critical drivers of satisfaction. What matters most differs by sector—but fall into the primary categories of food quality, service speed, staff friendliness, and value received. Our lift models show a typical 80 point difference in satisfaction ratings when drivers are performed poorly vs. well.

Brand level performance is broken out for each critical driver. Brands execute very differently on the drivers—for example, in the pub sector, 41% of guests gave JD Wetherspoon a top box rating of 5 on speed of service. The nearest competitor, Toby Carvery, received a 37%.

The research clearly identifies opportunities for restaurant brands to improve the guest experience—critical to increasing same store comparable sales. To learn more about the research or obtain a copy, please schedule a briefing. And to learn more about how Market Force works with brands to improve the guest experience, check out case studies below.

Frankie & Benny's Mimi's Cafe UK Pizza Chain

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