In an ongoing effort to solidify client relationships and consult on successful Customer Experience (CX) best practices, Market Force’s UK client strategy team planned a day of collaboration to bring the topic of CX front and centre. On 10 October, the team hosted a forum where representatives from various consumer-focused sectors had the opportunity to share business challenges and have meaningful dialogue with CX thought leaders. This inaugural CX Collaboration Day hosted 17 guests representing 12 brands, two guest speakers along with local Milton Keynes team members and Market Force leaders from our North American business.

The event originated from an idea that it would be a great opportunity to introduce our clients to our new modern office space now located in the centre of Milton Keynes’ bustling business district. That thought quickly evolved into hosting a day of collaboration among peers with guest speakers who provided a 360-degree view of CX best practices.

Our special guest speaker of the day, Stuart Greer, from our partner firm, ReviewTrackers, offered insight on how to review and respond to the sheer volumes of unsolicited customer feedback posted through multiple social media channels to predict tomorrow’s business outcomes. We also heard from Rob Carmichael with Vision Express, who presented the group with a real life case study and answered many questions from other guests on how his business is successfully using predictive analytics delivered by Market Force’s team of PhD statisticians and data scientists to help drive revenue.

Attendees were pleased to meet with the wider Market Force team members who work on their accounts on a daily basis, featured speakers and enjoyed the smaller group sizes in the breakout sessions. It was rewarding to see our clients (many of whom had never met before) happily mixing in the new office during breaks sharing their own CX experiences. Their overall positivity and engagement during the event validated the fact that we are working with some fantastic champions of CX. This lended a sense of tremendous credibility as they learned how other brands were also using Market Force’s services to successfully navigate the complex world of CX management.

As many consumer-facing brands are planning 2020 strategies, the timing was perfect to share an insightful, data driven view of where CX is heading in the near future. Based on client feedback, many walked away from the event realising that without a CX strategy in place, brands will struggle to retain market share and the brands who effectively implement CX best practices will continue to grow in this hyper competitive environment on the high street.

Attendee quotes: 
“Thank you for inviting me, I found the day very interesting and insightful. I thought the size of the group was just right to allow for sharing of experiences.”

“The speakers and sessions were insightful. It was a nice change having some time out away from our day-to-day schedules to sit back and take in industry expertise.”

Please look out for our next CX Collaboration Day event coming to a city near you!