Trained and knowledgeable people are what make companies succeed – in these challenging times; do you know how your employees are doing? Employees are your most critical asset, are they able to stay productive with new stress and general concerns about their futures? Much of our workforce is currently under tremendous strain; do you believe your employees will stick around when the pandemic is over?

To help multi-location businesses find the answers to these questions, we are offering an Employee Wellness Survey to administer to their teams – free of charge! This is an opportunity to keep your finger on the pulse of employee wellness and let your most important assets, your employees, know you care about their well-being.

The Employee Wellness Survey can be implemented quickly and easily with results reported in a short time period. A one-time deployment will anonymously uncover how your employees feel about their current workload, corporate communication strategies, and their likelihood to stay with you once the pandemic passes. This data will reveal where changes and improvements need to happen to boost morale and employee loyalty and understand your people’s perceptions and potential unmet needs during this unusual period.

Based on survey design best practices, Market Force has developed a standard survey for your business and will provide the HTML link to the survey to share with your team members. Other than the time it takes to deploy the survey and review the results, there is no investment.

Once the survey is completed, you will have immediate insight into how the team is holding up. If more sophisticated insight is needed, our team of PhD statisticians and data scientists can evaluate the findings using predictive analytics to help you link the results to productivity, absenteeism, or other metrics significant to your business. And as an added bonus, by opting to leverage our Employee Wellness Survey, you will get a peek into our proprietary reporting technology, the KnowledgeForce® Platform, to review the results in real-time and see how our reporting platform works first hand.

We can help get you back on the right path for a 2020 relaunch. Get in touch to learn more!
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As Managing Director, Brad Christian consults multi-location businesses on optimizing the customer experience. With a focus on driving location level performance improvement in both customer loyalty and financial metrics, he helps client organizations prioritize initiatives based on their potential to deliver ROI.