Looking for insight in 2016 into how it executes in each of its stores in serving customers, MetroPCS partnered with Market Force Information to launch a mystery shopping program. The key component of the sales efficacy and customer service measurement tool was for the shopping results to be delivered real-time on the KnowledgeForce online reporting platform. This platform provides a snapshot of the customer experience at the location level, allowing managers to ensure they are keeping a clear focus on key performance indicators and compliance to brand standards. Over the past two and a half years, the partnership has evolved to drive enhancements to the platform and to the measurement program itself to ensure strategic alignment of MetroPCS’s business plans and go to market strategy. The program has been praised by MetroPCS’s executive leadership as a key component of the company’s “Customer First” focus. This type of sponsorship is one of the five best practices for success in a customer experience program. 

MetroPCS embraces the concept of “inspect what you expect” and “what gets measured, gets done” for their mystery shopping program. They are an engaged partner as they leverage the resulting output of the program to understand their customer’s true experience, and along the way, gain confidence that this insight will aid them in their quest to be a top prepaid provider. For example, our 2018 Wireless Carriers Consumer Experiences & Competitive Benchmarks study shows that over 50% of MetroPCS customers have contracts spanning 2 years or longer, and also outperformed competitors when it came to in-store friendliness and problem resolution.

To further bolster the value of program results, Market Force leverages its team of PhD statisticians and data analysts to analyze the data and help MetroPCS identify where they are performing and where there are areas of opportunity while also conveying the potential lift in performance that can be driven by focused investments within their business. 

Throughout the partnership, our collaborative approach, both from a strategic and analytical perspective, has enabled both teams to work in tandem to create a world-class program that ensures all MetroPCS stores are consistently executing in a “Customer First” context and delivering on their brand promise.

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