For many High Street operators, trying to drive same-site sales growth in the current UK business environment could be considered challenging; using a Customer Experience programme to achieve such growth, fanciful.

However, a well-designed Customer Experience programme can deliver meaningful results that can be the difference between preserving the business and closing sites. In the current UK business environment affecting retail, restaurant and café operators, that’s the difference between minimising losses at underperforming sites and closing them.

Market Force recently helped a leading fast-casual dining chain do just that and enabled the client to capture additional revenue of almost $1.5 million at underperforming sites.

Using our predictive analytics capability, and drawing on data from the Customer Satisfaction Survey, Mystery Diner program and Complaints data from the Contact Centre, all of which are designed and managed by Market Force Information, we identified three key drivers that, when executed well in combination and over time, impacted financial performance at site-level.

By mapping sites’ financial performance against how well they performed on all three key drivers, Market Force was able to highlight the revenue gap between executing well on 0 vs. all 3 key drivers.

The insights provided this brand with specific information on how it could narrow losses at underperforming sites. Through focused training and support, they were able to help locations that were previously executing on 0 and 1 of the key drivers to execute on 2 key drivers.

In doing so, they were able to improve average same-site sales growth from -3.0% to 0.5%, achieving incremental revenue of just under $1.5 million in 1 year.

This multi-methodology, on-going Customer Experience program is helping the brand out-perform its competitors and post like for like sales growth in a very challenging restaurant environment. Executing well on what matters most to its customers enables restaurant concepts to protect their reputation, delight customers and drive same-site sales growth.

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Victor Chauhan is a Key Account Manager for Market Force Information and consults on CX best practices with clients from a variety of industries.