The results of Market Force Information’s annual US Grocery Competitive Benchmark study are in, and it is good news for brands that offer digital grocery shopping services. No doubt, the COVID-19 outbreak has transformed the grocery shopping experience as we know it. If a brand had operational challenges pre-pandemic, reduced staff and safety restrictions amplified longer than normal lines, out of stock products due to product hoarding, and increased business volume.

Our most notable finding is that services offered in the traditional shopping experience are no longer a primary differentiator. COVID-19 safety guidelines, along with nationwide shelter in place orders, have caused grocery shoppers of all ages to adopt digital shopping methods.

In this “new normal,” we find guaranteeing customer experience excellence takes more than just competitive prices. Shoppers want a positive and easy shopping experience, a pleasant store atmosphere with high-quality food, a favorable rewards program, and, most importantly, a problem-free experience. As an overview of our findings, we broke down the top ten driving features of why and where consumers choose to spend their grocery shopping dollars:

1. Convenient location
2. Good sales and promotions
3. Value received for money paid
4. Variety of merchandise and selections
5. Cleanliness
6. Friendly and courteous staff
7. Fast check out
8. Loyalty and reward programs
9. Overall reputation and integrity
10. High-quality produce

To find out which brands came out on top, join our industry experts for a webinar Thursday, June 25, at 11:30 am EST or get in touch to schedule time with our team to review the findings.
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