• Bridge Silos and Improve Loyalty through Customer Journey Mapping

    Customer journey mapping has become very popular in the last two years with 62% of Fortune 1000 companies reporting that they have conducted or are considering conducting customer journey mapping, according to a 2015 survey by Accenture. Why is it so popular? Because businesses are realizing that their functional organization creates silos—and therefore barriers—to a great customer experience. Forrester Research notes: “Many CX initiatives don’t meet their full potential—or worse, fail completely—because companies don’t have a complete picture of what the customer experience actually entails and the complex dynamics that shape it.”

  • Are apparel retailers delivering a customer experience that inspires loyalty?

    We all know that the fashion industry is highly competitive, with every brand investing heavily in its brand image, marketing, fashion design, quality, price, locations and customer service. Some retailers spend up to 30% of their sales on marketing—driving traffic to stores and e-commerce sites in the hopes of capturing both new customers and more wallet share from existing customers.

    Yet, how well do fashion brands capitalize on that marketing spend? Do their individual locations create the experiences required to command loyalty from its customers? The answer is, quite simply, no.

  • Focus Sales Associates’ Attention and Increase Conversion Rates

    I’ve been working with retailers for over a decade and I see a common struggle: Sales associates are given a list of items to be done during the day—important things, such as cleaning, merchandising etc. Although they may diligently focus on the items on their ‘to do’ list, they may do that at a cost: Ignoring or underserving their customers.

    You’ve no doubt experienced this: A customer walks in the door and the associate remains absorbed re-arranging the merchandise on the shelf or marking new price tags. The customer wanders around the store, picks through a few items, and then leaves. The sales associate missed the opportunity to engage—and that impacts conversion rate and sales.

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