• Make Loyalty Your Currency

    You've painstakingly crafted your brand, your organization lives and breathes its values, and customers are responding to its message. Protecting that brand image is now paramount. As business booms, so does the need to establish processes to interact with customers, secure feedback, answer questions and resolve issues. You need a contact center. Whether your approach is home grown or outsourced, it’s imperative to institute an engagement strategy and to measure how effectively the contact center is maintaining your brand image and recovering unhappy customers.

  • Is your menu to blame for stalled or declining customer satisfaction scores?

    A menu that delivers results to the bottom line is a defining element of successful restaurant chains. But what if your menu has lost its mojo? Consumers’ tastes are changing, driven by the upswing in new fast casual and independent brands that are expanding flavor profiles to meet the demands of modern consumers. In this new frontier, what once had customers raving can now leave your brand looking like a ‘food dinosaur’ to hordes of self-proclaimed foodies on the go.

  • Determine Whether Your Brand Standards Matter

    Mystery shopping measures operational excellence. That includes a wide gamut of behaviors ranging from the effectiveness of sales associates in presenting products and asking for the close to a cashier’s ability to run a checkout line effectively. It’s a great tool for observing behaviors within a location and determining whether the brand promise is being executed. But how do you know if those standards are effective?

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To discuss your needs for improving performance for your multi-location brand, give us a call. We’d be happy to discuss best practices for measuring the customer experience and compliance to brand standards, using analytics to understand what matters most and the ROI for change, and technology solutions that integrate large quantities of data on one single platform. We look forward to a great discussion!

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