What is Customer Intelligence?

It’s the business intelligence you need to delight your customers and grow the bottom line


Customer Intelligence is a new, emerging methodology for customer experience insight. Just like business intelligence systems summarize fiscal performance data, customer intelligence gives companies a single, financially accountable view of all their customer-related information. It helps you stay on top of your customers, your stores and your financial performance, and calculates the ways in which all three are connected.


Market Force is one of the pioneers of Customer Intelligence with a ground-breaking set of solutions and Customer Intelligence Platforms. Leveraging input from real customers, store locations, brand audits, online forums and more, Market Force uses advanced analytics to distil what store-level changes will impact what  your financial metrics the most. Additionally, all of your analytics are hosted on a multi-level decision support platform, KnowledgeForceSM that pushes results down to each and every store manager.  


With this, companies can confidently set thresholds for individual store improvements, knowing that the metrics they’re managing are going to drive the highest impact.

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