theatre checking

Become a Theatre Checker

Become a CFA“I love going to see movies and people watch! I believe it gives me a chance to make more honest vendors out of the theatre managers, give a better experience to the people that are already paying a fortune to see a movie.” - Accountant


Don’t sit on the bench—get paid to see your favorite movies, and get involved in improving the theatre experience for all as a Market Force Certified Field Associate (CFA).


CFA’s make an impact in their local communities by helping stores become better places for consumers like you to visit. They are paid to do things like gather information around the latest movie releases.

A Hands-On Hobby—Get involved and see the difference it makes in your favorite theatres. Your hands-on contributions improve the in-store experience for other customers.

It Pays to be a CFA—You’ll be paid for every field visit you make, and even reimbursed for your movie tickets and concessions for select assignments.

Play the field—Pick and choose the field visits you want from a unique and wide variety. (Click here to learn about field visit types)