Text Analytics

HearSay Text Mining & Analysis: What your customers are REALLY saying!


Ever wish you could learn what your customers are really saying about you? HearSay helps to find out from each and every customer – in a reliable and actionable way.


When it comes to customer data, thousands of open-ended text responses can be exceedingly difficult to summarize, assess and quantify— but they can also offer unique insight such as new product desires and off the radar issues.


HearSay is a text-mining product from Market Force that creates a voice for your customers by categorizing and quantifying key categories of open-ended responses in your mystery shopping or customer surveys.


We work with our clients to customize and then automate the categorization of thousands of open-ended comments, while appending the comments to their datasets. The results are then used in combination with other types of data to deliver integrated insights. Since open-ended comments are unlimited by the constraints of a questionnaire, they can bring hidden gems and real responses to augment your more quantifiable data. In other words, you could analyze the customers who gave you a satisfaction rating of 1, 2, or 3 on a 7 point scale, and look specifically at the categories of open-ended questions (and the responses themselves) to identify why they were dissatisfied.




  • Value and richness from thousands of customer verbatims
  • New customer insights not captured in quantitative data
  • Your customers’ key issues in order of importance – what’s really on their minds
  • Subtle differences across subsets of your data

    So You Can


  • Eliminate the need to manually code verbatim
  • Ensure consistency and reliability of processes
  • What’s said between the lines of your customer comments to find out what they really think
  • Customer perceptions in their own words
  • Customer desires, needs or new ideas for your business.
  • Meaningful and impactful business decisions that you could make if you knew the most frequent compliments and complaints from your customers

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