Success Playbook

Success Playbook

Making customer satisfaction a priority is a must. And measuring customer satisfaction is essential. But what then? How do you actually drive change at each location to improve performance?


Market Force has created the “Success Playbook” to fill this gap. When coupled with KnowledgeForceSM, our big data technology platform, the Success Playbook helps companies figure out what’s most important to their customers, what actions will lead to the greatest financial return, prioritize concrete actions to improve, and measure and track progress.


Market Force first benchmarks current performance related to operational excellence and customer loyalty against specific goals. In this phase, we work with you to answer questions such as the following: The Success Playbook clearly identifies every location’s current performance against a clear KPI (Key Performance Indicator) set by the corporation—for example, a loyalty metric like percent of brand promoters.


Each location is then provided with a blueprint for closing the gap. This blueprint starts with identifying the critical drivers of loyalty and how much each loyalty driver affects KPI's. This helps prioritize the critical drivers so that your operators know where to start. The Playbook also creates a flexible framework for improving each driver. These frameworks include various alternatives for improving performance, and what-if scenarios for testing the impact of improving individual metrics.




Both location managers and executives can monitor adherence to plan. What change on the critical drivers is being achieved? What is the impact on loyalty? Monitoring capabilities ensure that each location holds itself accountable for change and the entire brand benefits from improved performance.