Make better decisions faster

Manage your business more efficiently and improve every location's performance using our mobile app, reporting platform, text analytics, and action planning tools. 


Market Force Information® provides technology solutions that create a powerful platform for collecting, integrating and visualizing data. Our KnowledgeForce® technology platform combines datastreams from any source into a single pane of glass. Executives, managers, franchisees and location-level operators can quickly drill into problem areas and use our Success PlaybookTM action planning tool to create plans for improving loyalty and financial outcomes. 

Market Force's five measurement channels combine with our Eyes:OnTM mobile app, text analytics, Success Playbook, and financial modeling to create a powerful system for business performance improvement. Every location is empowered with tools to optimize their unique opportunities. 

All data in one place

Many companies struggle to have a single view of their location-based data. The process of finding and organizing that data into a management spreadsheet wastes precious resources and is error-prone. KnowledgeForce uses the latest big data technologies to consolidate consumer data from any source—whether collected by Market Force, other vendors, or you. Stakeholders can assess performance on any datastream—e.g., mystery shopping, customer survey, contact center, audits, same store sales—individually or in unique combinations. That flexibility creates a single pane of glass for data and empowers every user with the tools they need to improve performance. 

Intuitive, role-based reporting saves time

KnowledgeForce displays data based on role. Stakeholders can view data across the entire enterprise and quickly drill down into site specific information. Store managers and individual franchisees view data for their specific location and can compare performance at regional or corporate level. We have over 50 standardized reports that can be configured for online or push reporting. And of course, our reporting is mobile enabled with responsive design for use on phone, phablet, tablet or laptop.

Mobile data collection with geo-fencing

The Eyes:OnTM mobile app allows mystery shoppers, customers, and your internal auditors to complete questionnaires with their Android and iOS smart phones and tablets. Geo-location and geo-fencing technologies help users easily link to the sites they are evaluating, and shoppers and auditors can complete their work offline even if connectivity drops. Need photos? Users can attach photographs to questionnaires from their smart phones. 

Mystery shoppers: Find nearby shop assignments from your mobile app, complete questionnaires, and upload questionnaires and images from your phone to the KnowledgeForce reporting system.

Internal auditors: Upload your own questionnaire for your internal employees to complete audits and upload information to KnowledgeForce.

Your customers: We can embed the link to a customer survey inside your brand's mobile app. Our geofencing technology can then send survey invitations to customers based on their location within your store. Because the survey is served from within your mobile app, survey data can be coupled with other customer level data, for example transaction level data from your CRM database. That will give you the power to understand the in store experiences of your most valuable customers and how that relates to purchasing behavior. 


Listen and learn

How do you mine the rich comments coming from your customers for new product ideas, emerging issues, or the unknowns? Unstructured comments feed into KnowledgeForce from social media, customer surveys, mystery shops, and our contact center. Text analytics categorize those comments into sentiment and categories of information. Trending and drill-down capabilities highlight hot spots for the brand or for locations. Managers can use the rich commentary to coach team members with concrete examples of exceptional experiences so that teams know what it takes to create brand advocates. 

Unique insights through combined data

How does performance on mystery shopping relate to customer satisfaction? Do locations with more satisfied customers have fewer contact center calls? What is the relationship between performance on these experience channels and same store sales?

Market Force answers these questions with data visualizations that provide unique decision-making tools. We relate operational excellence and customer experience to financial performance—and that enables stakeholders to make decisions regarding top-grading staff, marketing to drive traffic, and changes in standards. A single platform that integrates core metrics will allow you to see your locations as you never have before. We bet you'll be surprised. 


Success PlaybookTM: Improve performance for every location

The performance of every location affects your brand. Poorly operated locations can drag down the reputation of every location carrying your brand's flag. Market Force’s Success Playbook enables every location to set goals for operational excellence and customer experience, create action plans to solve for the gap, and measure progress against those goals. Taking action and being held accountable for incremental improvements is the last and most difficult step among our five best practices. If locations do not act on information, the time, resources and dollars spent on data collection are simply wasted.

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