KnowledgeForce - Pricing Intelligence

Retailers and manufacturers now have to compete in this new world of price transparency. To do so, they need to have instant access to intelligent market data and analysis. Market Force can provide competitive pricing data along with the robust analytics and call outs you need to take instant action.


KnowledgeForceSM is a web-based decision support system that consolidates the hundreds, thousands, even millions of pricing data points; locations; categories; retailers and provides the ability to quickly pinpoint critical price differentials.


Using a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, our sophisticated technology platform allows you to quickly and efficiently understand what is happening in your markets, what has changed, where you have price gaps that matter that could be costing you thousands, and how to close them fast.


  • Web-based decision support system
  • Competitive pricing results
  • Role-based dashboards identifying critical price differentials
  • Point-n-click drill down access to interrogate the data
  • Trends and comparisons
  • Built-in analyses, metrics and graphics
  • Exportable files
  • Email alerting


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