Answerforce Panel Research

AnswerForce Panel Research

A Force from the source when you need answers FAST


Sometimes you need your customers’ opinions on a given topic, you need them now, and you have limited budget. You have a product rollout, a fierce competitor, a new loyalty program or any other immediate question and you need instant insight from the market. Welcome to AnswerForceSM, Market Force’s panel research offering. Our consumer research panel can quickly and effectively answer questions about your brand, your products, your packaging, your competitive positioning, attitudes and usage—anything you need to know, on the double.


When you need answers FAST

AnswerForce can help when you have limited time and budget but need answers fast to questions like these:


  • How do consumers view my brand?
  • How am I measuring up to my competitors today?
  • How effective is my advertising?
  • Which features of a product are most important to consumers?
  • What do customers think of this product idea?
  • Is my packaging catching consumers’ eyes?
  • What went wrong or right with my latest new product release?
  • How can I make my message stand out in a crowded field?

AnswerForce Panel Research provides answers quickly and cost effectively by tapping into our extensive network of more than 300,000 consumers, augmented by:


  • Expertise in market research and questionnaire design.
  • Sophisticated sampling methodologies.
  • Ability to set participation criteria and manage quotas.
  • Robust web platform with extensive branching and piping capabilities.
  • Panel management.
  • Incentive management.
  • Analytics and reporting.

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