Market Force Solutions for Movie Studios and Theatres

Movie Theatre and Motion Picture Studio

Lights, Camera, Take Action

For your customers, going to movies is more than just a storyline. It’s a complete theater experience – from the silver screen and the velvet curtains down to the popcorn and  soda. The all-star cast extends beyond the film – ticket salespeople, ticket takers, concessions—to create a truly magical experience.


Having worked with some of the largest motion picture clients in Hollywood, Market Force helps theaters and studios ensure that their customers are being delighted and transported at every turn and encouraged to come back for more:

  • Find out  what trailers are being shown
  • Know how many patrons attend, view trailers, view pre-show ads
  • Ensure promotions are executed correctly at the right places and at the right time
  • Ensure theatre staff is efficient, friendly and organized
  • Gauge audience response, engagement and satisfaction

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