Cinema Checking by Market Force

Movie Theatre and Studio Services

Coming to a theatre near you: Your eyes and ears in theatres everywhere


Imagine if you knew everything about the presentation of your films everywhere and at all times, if you could find out how every single theatre in North America was delivering on the things that matter most to you: - did your trailer play? - was the presentation perfect? - how did the audience react? - was your promotional material placed in optimal location in the theatre lobby?


Behind the Scenes

Market Force’s specialized theatre checkers are your eyes and ears inside theatres. They give you a real-time, comprehensive window into operations, compliance, and audiences with fresh data coming in daily so that you can fix problems quickly.


Market Force is the recognized leader in theatre checking services for some the world’s biggest motion picture studios and theatres. With over 50 years' experience in the entertainment industry, we keep motion picture studios and their promotional partners in the know with the on-site information they need to ensure an outstanding theatre experience for their films, maximize promotional efforts and drive profits on every film.


  • Overt and covert theatre checks
  • Promotional material installations
  • Promotional material audits
  • Lobby checks
  • Trailer checks
  • Audience reaction reports
  • Perfect presentation checks— print, sound and color quality evaluations
  • Patron counts
  • Seating capacity checks
  • Sneak preview checks
  • Anti-piracy checks
  • Pre-Show advertisement checks
  • Blockbuster and first show checks
  • Audience traffic reports
  • In-theatre research - patron intercepts
  • Mystery shopping for theatres


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