• These are America's favorite casual dining restaurants

    20 January 2016 — In an industry rife with competition, casual dining restaurants are pulling out all the stops to turn patrons into loyal customers.Market Force is out with a new set of restaurant rankings culled from responses of more than 6,700 people. The rankings are based on a composite loyalty index that measures satisfaction with the food quality, service, value and restaurant experience, among other things, and cover five casual dining categories.

  • Cracker Barrel Scores In Favorite Restaurant Chains Rankings

    15 January 2016 — Which restaurant chains are currently America's favorites? Two just-released ratings provide answers. One is the latest casual dining restaurants survey from Market Force Information; the other Technomic's 2016 "Consumers' Choice Awards," which span the fast casual, quick-serve/QSR and full-service formats. The results have at least one thing in common: Cracker Barrel Old Country Store is ranked highly by large numbers of restaurant-goers.

  • This Is America’s Favorite Supermarket

    16 November 2015 — For the third year in a row, TJ’s has been named by consumers as their overall favorite supermarket in a survey conducted by Market Force. Market Force compiles the data into what it calls a Composite Loyalty Index, meant to gauge overall consumer satisfaction and the likelihood of recommending the retailer to others. Trader Joe’s may not be the go-to spot for one-stop shopping, but for the past few years, it has ranked at or near the top of shopper ratings for...

  • Which Fueling Stations Are Customers’ Favorites?

    21 July 2015 — Wawa, QuikTrip and Sheetz are among consumers’ favorite places to fuel up, and they have also revealed why. The study revealed that, while the majority of motorists still fuel up at traditional gas stations and convenience stores, grocers and wholesale clubs continue to gain ground. For their most recent trip to the pump, 69% said they visited a gas station or convenience store, while 31% chose a grocery, wholesale club or big-box chain. Because the critical drivers for...

  • Look for Major Grocery Price Wars Coming Soon

    11 June 2015 — Upstart super cheap grocery brand expands in a big way. There seems to be no stopping Aldi. If you haven’t heard of this supermarket brand, you probably will very soon. Aldi is a super cheap grocery chain that’s owned by the same company as Trader Joe’s, and that has an unusual business model that keeps grocery prices incredibly low due to small store size and limited selection—including almost no national brands. Like TJ’s—named recently as America’s favorite supermarket...

  • How America's Favorite Retailer Is Crushing the Competition

    14 April 2015 —Fashion retail is a notoriously dynamic and aggressively competitive industry, so Nordstrom's ability to consistently outperform the competition in customer satisfaction speaks wonders about the company's competitive strengths and management quality. Nordstrom is clearly doing something right — actually it's several different things — to beat the competition.

  • Chipotle and Chick-fil-A Top Survey of America's Favorite Chain Restaurants

    4 March 2015 — According to a new survey, America's favorite chains are Papa Murphy's, Chipotle, Qdoba, Chick-fil-A, and Jason's Deli. Market Force Information — a customer intelligence solutions company — polled over 12,700 customers about their satisfaction with their "last experience at a given restaurant and their likelihood to recommend it." That data was then averaged to create a "Composite Loyalty Index." The results were then broken down by restaurant category and attributes like...

  • New Study Finds Most Popular Chains in Four Categories

    3 March 2015 — Market Force’s study shows the use of technology to place orders and pay for them at QSRs and fast-casual restaurants is taking off. In fact, approximately half of consumers said they had used some form of technology to place their food orders within the previous 90 days: 20 percent used a smartphone app; 16 percent used a tablet at the table; and 13 percent used a kiosk in the restaurant. What’s more, one in five (19 percent) diners noted that they had paid for their food using...

  • America's favorite fast food and fast casual restaurants

    27 February 2015 — The restaurant industry is known for being fiercely competitive. So which quick-service restaurants are winning at turning customers into loyal ones?

  • The “Killer KPIs” That Every Contact Center Executive Should Watch Closely

    23 December 2014 — Knowing what Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to focus on can be tricky, although most contact center executives have an idea of the core ones to track. So what are the KPIs that every contact center exec should know and measure? Cheryl Flink, Chief Strategy Officer for Market Force Information, differentiated between types of KPIs. In terms of measures of customer experience, she looked at service level, first contact resolution rate, and average handle time as the KPIs to...

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