Market Force Webinars


Which Apparel Retailers are Consumer Favorites?

In this webinar, Dr. Cheryl Flink joins Janet Eden-Harris in a discussion of findings of a Market Force panel research study that looks at issues such as why shoppers prefer a clothing retailer, what influence social media has on shopper choices, and what new retailer consumers have tried in the last 90 days.

Which Restaurant Chains Are Delighting Consumers?

Thu 20 September 2012

In this webinar, Janet Eden-Harris, Senior Vice President of Strategy at Market Force, reviews new research on which restaurant chains are delighting customers, looking at the following categoriesburger, pizza, sandwich, chicken, Mexican and ice cream. Janet was joined by Forrester Research, Inc. analyst Suresh Vittal, Practice Leader in Customer Intelligence, who introduced what he sees as some of the challenges facing restaurant chains today.

New Research on Best-in-Class Retailers

Tue 26 June 2012
Aberdeen Retail analyst Chris Cunnane presents research on how Best-in-Class retailers are aggregating data from multiple streams, including social media, mystery shopping, and other customer feedback tools, to aid in their pricing, promotions, supply chain, and store operations planning.

Which apparel retailers are consumer favorites and why?

Thu 6 October 2011
A pre-holiday investigation of consumer attitudes on apparel retailers, such as brand favorites, social media infuencers, value drivers and more.

Maximizing Profit Through Customer Delight: The Best in the Restaurant Industry

Thu 25 August 2011

New panel research exploring annual trends and changes in consumer preferences in QSR and Fast Casual restaurants.

Mindshare and Wallet Share: Which Grocery Retailers & Products Are Winning?

Wed 23 March 2011

Interesting results from a March 2011 panel survey on grocery retailers and private label, revealing new insights into consumer favorites, big drivers of customer choice, promotional effectiveness, etc.

Consumer electronics: What Are Consumers Thinking?

Wed 23 February 2011
The findings of a new study on which retailers consumers prefer and why for purchases of Consumer Electronics.

Banking & Insurance: What do Consumers Think?

Tue 31 August 2010
A snapshot into customer's perception of their banks and their banking behaviors.