Market Force Solutions for Grocery & Drug Stores

Grocery and Drug

A View from the Aisle:

Unlike many other industries, grocery is an industry that most consumers patronize on a regular basis. With all of those available dollars, competition has become fierce. Brand promise and differentiation, whether it be low price, product selection or speed and convenience, is critical to success in an oversaturated market. 


Market Force understands your unique challenge of earning the loyalty of every customer while successfully differentiating yourself in a hyper-competitive market, all the while working with multiple locations and a massive number of fast-turning SKUs. 


Bring on your Brand

  • Assess operational performance in areas critical to your brand promise and to customer needs such as speed of check out, cleanliness, employee helpfulness and more with Mystery Shopping
  • Ensure accurate and critical product availability, selection, pricing, speed-to-shelf and display/promotion with Retail Audits and competitive pricing
  • Understand critical customer attitudes and perceptions on items such as product selection, product quality and overall satisfaction with Customer Satisfaction Information
  • Understand what operational compliance areas matter the most to your sales and where. Identify which of your customers want what from their grocery and drug store visits based on our unique segmentation analytics. Insights like these with ground-breaking Advanced Analytics such as predictive statistical models
  • Put all of this into action with KnowledgeForceSM, a completely integrated customer intelligence technology platform that pushes results down to the store level for maximum accountability


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