Financial Services, NonBank

Customer Intelligence just for the NonBank Industry

Protect your business with compliance audits. Grow your business with customer feedback.

In today’s economic landscape, measurement is the only insurance for success. And that means every location and every customer.


It is estimated that defecting customers will typically tell 8 to 10 people about their negative experience with your company. One in five will tell 20 people. And now, that one may also complain to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Because since the Dodd-Frank Banking Reform Act and the formation of the CFPB, gaps in compliance can become even more costly to Financial Services companies.


We have developed customer intelligence packages that address both, specifically for the non-bank Financial Services industry:


  • Protect your business from the CFPB with regular, comprehensive compliance audits to make sure that every location, every branch, is following your corporate guidelines.
  • Understand customer satisfaction levels and their impact, key drivers of customer satisfaction and problem areas that might be putting your brand at risk
  • Discover what matters most to your customers and to your bottom line
  • Use competitive market pricing to optimize your own pricing, and stay compliant with federal laws
  • Get high return on investment, with protection and growth for as little as $4 per day per location
  • See reduced customer churn/defection and increase in recommendations to new customers

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