KnowledgeForce - Field Assessment Reporting

From the Field: A new way to utilize field assessments


Chances are, you already have your Field Staff conducting internal audits. Why not utilize a state of the art platform to collect, analyze, and report these results in a real-time, integrated and actionable way?


Market Force provides the decision-support technology to make field assessment results easier to act on, understand and interpret toward the bottom line. The data is collected online via mobile device, making it quick and easy for field staff to input their surveys into the system while on site.


KnowledgeForceSM is complimented by our questionnaire design expertise and consulting to maximize the value and insight of results, informed by the work of our advanced analytics team.


KnowledgeForce includes:


  • Questionnaire design expertise
  • Hosted software platform for reporting
  • Accessible at any time
  • Permission-based viewing

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